It’s not a secret: Florida is a dream place for tourists from all over the world. Its culture, gastronomy, and beaches deserve their spot among the favorite destinations worldwide. But, this state is also the home place of the most incredible amusement parks.

Still, among so many different alternatives and attractions to choose from, selecting one may become a challenge. Having memorable vacations and family trips should not be a challenge, and that’s why we’ve listed down the best amusement parks in Florida.

Let jump on!

Magic Kingdom

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Magic Kingdom is the jewel of the crown in Walt Disney World, being the favorite and most visited of the four theme parks of the complex.

This park disposes of what most consider the best attractions of the park, including roller coasters and castles. And of course, it’s home to the irrefutable symbol of Disney World: Cinderella’s Castle.

And the best attractions of Magic Kingdom are:

– Fantasyland: Home to the famous Cinderella’s Castle, Beast’s Castle, and Enchanted Forest, among other magic attractions.

– Big Thunder Mountain: Disney’s roller coaster every person should try at least once in a lifetime.

Now, Walt Disney World is a safe bet, but it’s also the most crowded theme park in the country by far, especially this kingdom. By 2019, according to Statista, Disney World received around 20.96 million visitors on average, being the most visited park across the world.

Considering this, prepare your trip in advance to avoid shuffling in the crowd and make the most out of this park.

Universal’s Volcano Bay

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Volcano Bay is also located in Orlando and is one of the strongest rivals of Disney World and another favorite for tourists.

This thematic water park is a must for every tourist, especially during the hottest days of the summer. And what’s more, it disposes of warm water in all the attractions during the winter.

There, we highly recommend the following attractions:

– Krakatau Aqua Coaster: based on the Krakatau Volcano, this aqua coaster promises to provide an unforgettable experience.

– Ko’okiri Body Plunge: one of the tallest and most thrilling slides on Earth.

The park has enough artificial beaches, pools, lakes, and rivers to spend days in the water. Not to mention countless slides to boost your experience.


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Epcot is where human culture, innovation, technology, and development get together to portray a futuristic theme park out of this world.

This park is home to The World Showcase, a tribute to the cultural diversity where you’ll find 11 pavilions that resemble 11 different countries, such as:

-United Kingdom

What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy futuristic attractions, including spaceships, roller coasters, go-karts, simulators, and above all, the iconic, giant, spherical spaceship that represents Epcot.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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This is the paradise of roller coasters, not only in Tampa Bay but throughout the country, being a must-visit for lovers of shocking attractions.

Some of its best attractions include, but are not limited to:

-Cobra’s Curse: an exhilarating roller coaster that resembles a giant cobra -only for the braves.

-Cheetah Hunt: this is a shocking loop where you’ll be catapulted through unexplored regions in the fastest safari you can imagine.

If you look for the most mind-blowing experience in your life, this is your place. Undoubtedly, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has a well-deserved place among the best amusement parks in Florida.


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