Solo Traveling

Taking the Fear Out of Solo Travel

Solo travel may not be high on the list of things to do for many, but for some people with an intense desire to see the world, taking the solo travel route might just be the only way. Believe it or not, not all people have a desire to roam ancient ruins, trek through bug infested jungles or try and navigate through a city where no one speaks the same language. So, for those travelers who get excited by these thoughts, finding a travel partner is the most difficult task of all.

Instead of giving up, solo travel becomes an option, but it can be an option full of apprehension and fear. Fortunately, solo travel can be an amazing opportunity full of life-changing and growing experiences that will forever impact a person’s existence. When the anxiety of an impending solo adventure seems like it is too much – relax! There are plenty of ways of taking the fear out of solo travel!

1) Travel to familiar places first. Instead of heading to the furthest place possible in respect to your current living situation, try starting a solo trip off in a familiar place. A familiar place can be a location you have previously traveled to on past trips, or it can be a place that has a similar size, feel or language as your home. This will get the travel juices flowing and provide preparation for further journeys.

2) Get firsthand accounts. There is only so much a travel guide can tell, and the fact that it was written much longer ago than one would hope, they might not always be correct. Track down blogs of people who have been there and see what they have to say. The more one knows in advance, the less there is to be surprised about later on, and that alone can take the fear out of solo travel.

3) Participate in group activities. What better way to meet people with similar interests then to join a group?! Test your hand at a language course, volunteer to help build a house, or just sign up for a tour. All of these options provide a way to make friends, and possibly future travel friends, as well as the opportunity to not feel alone.

4) Stay in a hostel. Hostels are havens for travelers. They provide a cheap place to sleep, and they also provide the means to meet others just like you! Stay in a hostel for a night or two and most people will find new travel plans, location insights, and even travel buddies. Choosing to stay in hostels can easily take the fear out of solo travel because you are not coming back to a lonely hotel every night.

Solo travel does not have to be a scary thought. Seeing the world on one’s own and on one’s own schedule can be a truly liberating experience not to be overlooked because of a little fear.

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