Top 7 Best Tiles Companies and Brands in India

Top 7 Best Tiles Companies and Brands in India

Tiles have become an integral part of constructing and renovating a house. When picked and installed correctly, floor and wall tiles can seriously transform the look of your space. Tiles have become very popular as a flooring substitute for marble, mosaic, concrete and wooden flooring. It’s widely used as a flooring material because there are tons of tiles brands, tile variants, designs, sizes, patterns and shades to choose from. There are many tiles companies in India, and they manufacture and supply all types of tiles in different sizes and price ranges.

There are so many popular tiles brands and companies in India, that one may easily get confused while choosing a brand to buy floor and wall tiles for their home, office or other structure or space. We often receive this query from homeowners about the best tiles companies and brands in India, hence this post.

If you are planning to construct a house or renovate or redesign your home, and you are confused between several tiles brands and companies in India, then I have got you covered. We have compiled this post to address your concern about finding the leading and best tiles brands and tiles companies in India.

Best Floor and wall tiles companies and brands in India

There are many national and local tiles brands and manufacturers in India, based on our experience, and discussions with reputed interior designing companies and suppliers. I have compiled this list of the best tiles brands and companies in India. The tiles companies featured here have a wide supplier and distribution network and offer all types of tiles e.g. wall tiles, floor tiles, bathroom tiles etc.

  • Kajaria Ceramics
  • Johnson Tiles
  • Somany Ceramics
  • Nitco Tiles
  • Orient Bell
  • Cera Tiles
  • Varmora Tiles

And now that you have the list, let’s take a look at these famous tile brands and companies in greater detail.

Kajaria Tiles

Kajaria Ceramics has a huge network of dealers and suppliers across all of the major cities and district towns in India. Kajaria Ceramics offers a wide range of floor and wall tiles in different sizes, designs and finishes. Kajaria Ceramics offers tiles for both interior and exterior (walls and floors) applications.

Primarily they offer three categories of tiles:

  • Glazed vitrified tiles
  • Polished vitrified tiles
  • Ceramic tiles

Tiles are available in different sizes, such as 100 X 200 cm, 120 X 180 cm, 29×180 cm, 120X120 cm, 80X160cm, 60×120 cm and many other sizes are available.

They offer some of the best designs and finishes e.g.

  • Polished
  • Matt
  • Gloss Matt
  • Metallic
  • Carving
  • Marbletech
  • Super white
  • Rotomatt

You can visit a nearby store or check the wide catalogue available online on the Kajaria Ceramics website or use the store locator to find a nearby store in your city.


Johnson Tiles offer a wide range of floor and wall tiles in different finishes, styles and sizes. Known for its wide variety of designs and amazing premium finishes, Johnson tiles can easily fit your tiling requirement, both in style and budget.

Johnson Tiles offer a variety of tiles like vitrified tiles, ceramic tile, porcelain tiles etc. If you are looking for an exclusive collection and premium look for wall tiles then you will be amazed by exploring the latest catalogue of wall tiles from Johnson tiles.

They also offer strain and scratch-resistant flooring tiles collections in different styles and sizes. You may like to explore the download the tiles collections from the Johnson tiles website.

Somany Ceramics

Somany Ceramics is yet another popular tiles brand in India with a huge collection of long-lasting and modern designs of wall and floor tiles. Somany tiles collection includes tiles for wall cladding, flooring, kitchen and bathroom application etc.

They have a huge collection and the tiles are available across all India through their distributors and dealers. They have a very user-friendly website with a huge catalogue and visualizer to help you get inspired, and choose the best tile for indoor and outdoor applications. They also have a toll-free number: 1800-1030-004 to reach out to them with your question and concerns.

Nitco Tiles

With over 2500+ direct dealers NITCO tiles are easily available across all of the major cities and towns in India. They specialize in wall and floor tiles and offer a wide range of styles and designs to choose from in flooring as well as wall cladding in residential and commercial spaces.

The nature-inspired floor tiles collection from NITCO is breathtaking, and no matter what’s the theme, if you are looking for the best-in-class flooring tiles, then NITCO tiles may easily fit your requirements. They offer tiles in different designs, colour shades, patterns and sizes (800x1600mm, 800x800mm, 600x1200mm, 600×600 and more sizes)

NITCO has a very interactive and useful website that offers a catalogue, visualizer and several flooring and wall design ideas to help you get inspired. Explore their website or visit one of the experience centres in your city to explore the latest collection of NITCO brand tiles.

Orient Bell

Orientbell Tiles is yet another leading tiles brand in India that manufactures and supplies a huge collection of indoor and outdoor floor tiles. Some of the most popular floor tiles collections include ceramic floor tiles, vitrified floor tiles, glazed floor tiles, polished floor tiles and many more. 

Some of the latest and best scratch and stain-resistant floor tiles range includes Forever, Fusion, Inspire collection, Magnificia, Rhino series and so on. Orientbell tiles come in all sizes e.g. 1200X2400mm, 1200x1200mm, 800x1600mm, 1000x1000mm and various other sizes. They offer vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and many other types of tiles for flooring as well as for wall cladding purposes.

The Orientbell Tiles official website offers a free catalogue and tile selector tool and a visualizer that’ll help you choose the best available flooring and wall cladding tiles from this leading tiles brand in India.

Cera Tiles

CERA is a well-known brand in India for all types of Sanitary ware products. But did you know that CERA is an equally popular tile brand in India with a huge collection of Mother Nature-inspired tiles with breathtaking tiles designs, finishes and textures?

CERA tiles have a huge collection of floor and wall tiles for you to choose from, such as:

  • Glazed vitrified tiles
  • Polished vitrified tiles
  • Ceramic floor tiles
  • Ceramic wall tiles
  • Elevation tiles

And the best thing about this brand is that you get to choose both the tiles as well as other sanitary ware products from the same reliable brand.

Visit their website to explore the latest tiles collections from the brand CERA.

Varmora Tiles

Varmora Tiles is yet another tiles company in India that offers slabs, tiles, sanitary ware, faucets, kitchen sink and other such products commonly used while constructing or renovating a house. Varmora tiles are also available in various sizes, finishes and designs (e.g. glossy, high gloss, crystal etc.) and you may like to explore their website to see the latest collection of floor and wall tiles.

The tiles come in various sizes:

  • 600X1200 mm
  • 600X600 mm
  • 800X1200 mm
  • 800X800 mm

Varmora brand tiles are available in major cities in India and you may like to consider these tiles if you are looking for the design and finish of the latest and modern tiles.


Tiles are being used extensively these days in home construction, and it’s not limited to urban residential and commercial complexes anymore. Today, floor and wall tiles are being used in small towns and villages in India.

Thanks to the growing demands of floor and wall tiles, today you can find hundreds of options and choices for different types of tiles. And that’s why sometimes when you go out there to buy tiles, you can get stuck with several brands and choices of tiles available today.

And therefore in this post, we have shared a list of leading tiles brands and companies in India to help you make the right choice for buying tiles. And while we are discussing the leading tiles brands and companies in India, allow me to give a small disclaimer that in no way we are trying to say that other tile brands are not good.

Even though the best comes with a price tag, it makes sense for a homeowner to make the right decision especially because a home is made once or twice in a lifetime, and you can’t go wrong while choosing tiles for your home.

And if you constructing a house or planning to renovate, you may like to check this detailed post for the best Vastu Shastra tips to bring positivity and good vibes. Thanks and hope this post will help you choose the right tiles for your area home.